Spring is here!

Time to shake off winter and feel the sun again! There are many ways to celebrate spring.

Spring means graduations, weddings, and more important, celebrating Mom and Dad! 

Gift cards are always a perfect present for any springtime celebration. Now is the time to make sure your credit union has plenty on hand to help meet your members’ needs, however they choose to welcome back the sunshine!

To learn more about LSC® Gift Cards contact the Prepaid Department at
(800) 304-2273, option 4, or email us at prepaid@lsc.net.

Get Started Today

For more information about our Gift Card program, please call 800-942-7124 or email sales@lsc.net  

Need support once a program is live? The LSC Prepaid Team assists by helping you all the way, including training your staff.  You can reach the Prepaid Team at 800-304-2273 (Option 4)

Marketing materials that help showcase the Gift Card program are available for a nominal fee and can be ordered directly through Prepaid Access Marketing tab.




More About Our Gift Cards

LSC offers several programs that are designed to allow credit unions to compete with gift card and reloadable ‘stored value’ debit cards.  Gift cards can now be paired with customizable greeting cards for a nominal fee.  

Credit Union Benefits 

  • Increase revenue stream.

  • Provide members with the ability to purchase gifts while taking care of other financial obligations.

Member Benefits

  • Safer than cash – if it is lost or stolen, unused portions can be replaced.

  • Can be used anywhere Visa is accepted.

  • More flexibility than merchant gift cards.

  • Card values are the member’s choice – between $10 and $1000.

  • A variety of designs to choose from to suit any gift-giving occasion. 

How the Gift Card works  

  • For the purchaser: Buy a gift card at the Credit Union with cash, check or Credit Union credit card, the same process that is done at a store.

  • For the recipient: Use it like a VISA debit card for purchases, utilizing the balance on the account through signature transactions.

  • Once implemented, a stock of cards is ordered through LSC’s secured Prepaid Access website by a designated Administrator. Credit Unions store those cards in a vault until issued to members.

  • Marketing materials that help showcase the Gift Card program are available for nominal fee. These can be ordered directly through Prepaid Access’ Marketing tab.