What Makes Credit Card Rewards a Key Ingredient to a Healthy Portfolio?

March 2022

Like bacon and eggs or mac and cheese, credit cards and rewards have become an inseparable pairing in people’s minds. According to a survey by The Ascent, a good rewards program is one of the top three card benefits wanted most by consumers. A key ingredient to a healthy portfolio, the right credit card rewards program can bring greater member satisfaction and a higher ROI for credit unions.

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The Pros and Cons of BNPL

February 2022

Convenience and flexibility are essential for consumers in a post-pandemic, heavily e-commerce shopping experience. Buy now, pay later (BNPL) is a trending payment method that offers consumers exactly that – flexible, payment options. BNPL’s services are growing at a rate of 39% a year, with 3% of global eCommerce revenue coming from BNPL by 2023 (Todorov, n.d.).

Who exactly is using the BNPL payment method? Gen Z and Millennials are the target demographic, with Baby Boomers slowly gaining interest. According to The Electronic Transaction Association, BNPL reported 30% penetration for Gen Z and Millennials in 2021, rising to 40% by 2025. While only 6% of Baby Boomers chose BNPL in 2021, by 2025 that is expected to increase to 15% for the older generation (YPPs, 2021).

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Virtual Prepaid cards: Better for the Environment and for Business

January 2022

Virtual or Plastic? It’s a choice that soon all credit unions and card issuers will be asking as the virtual card market continues to grow to a predicted threefold increase by 2025 ( While it’s easy to see the environmental benefit of not filling landfills with plastic cards, recognizing the added business benefits of virtual cards can require a closer look. A deeper investigation uncovers the advantages of virtual cards with new tokenized technology.

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4 Tips to Reduce Acct Takeover Fraud

January 2022

Fraud Trends

December 2021

Account takeover (ATO) fraud is a common type of identity theft. Fraudsters gain access to victims’ accounts, and make non-monetary changes that include modifying personally identifiable information (PII), requesting a new card or adding an authorized user. This allows criminals with stolen credentials access to victims’ accounts. ATO fraud is not new; however, it is hard to detect, and can happen in a variety of ways. It also allows attackers longer windows to monetize fraud, making ATO an increasingly attractive fraud avenue.

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December 2021

Disengaging periodically during the work day has been proven to improve mental health, increase productivity, and alleviates stress. Here are some tips on how to disengage on your break periods:

  • Perform some stretching and neck rolls
  • Take a short walk
  • Do a crossword puzzle
  • Make a short phone call to someone you haven’t spoken to in awhile

Foster the Triple A Model

December 2021

According to an employee engagement study by O.C. Tanner, employee recognition was most important to 37% of employees, but despite this fact, 65% of employees haven’t received any form of recognition for good work in the last year. To ensure your teams receive recognition, consider employing the following recognition model on a daily basis:

The “Triple A” model:

  • Appreciation for a task as small as bringing your documents to your desk from a shared printer, or staying a few minutes late to complete a task.
  • Acknowledgement of an employee’s mindset, whether they need a word of encouragement, or an acknowledgment of being in a good mood shows employee’s that you are receptive to the workplace atmosphere.
  • Acceptance of every employee’s feedback or suggestion, regardless of the decision to employ the idea.

Password Security

December 2021

2021 marks the 60th anniversary of the computer password, yet according to Breach Alarm over one million passwords are stolen every week. With new, highly sophisticated cyber attacks occurring by hackers every day, password security has become increasingly critical. As consumers become more cautious of their own personal password security, the demand for increased corporate vigilance grows as well.

Credit unions are perceived as a representation of a member’s figurative money vault, which emphasizes the importance of password security for credit unions. Most credit union technology systems have complex password requirements that must be followed, and enable advanced data protection, however individual participation also plays a key role.

Historically, passwords could only accommodate letter format, but technology can support numbers, symbols and case sensitivity.  The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has designed the best practices for password security with several key guidelines to follow:

  • Focus on increased password length over password obscurity – Password-cracking software is designed to look for “0” as “O”s, and “!” as “1”s, but 12-digit password will make it more difficult to hack than an 8-digit password.
  • Use symbols throughout your password – Many users will add a symbol to the end of passwords, however using symbols throughout your password will make it more secure.
  • Change passwords prior to their expiration – NIST recommends setting a reminder several weeks prior to your password expiration, which will provide users time to create a new, secure password instead of feeling overwhelmed to select one during a busy workload. Changing passwords off-schedule also ensures users will not use simple variations of current one.

A perfect fit – How prepaid cards simplify the holiday season for members

October 2021

As the busy holiday season approaches, flexibility is a required skill for all of us. We tend to appreciate businesses and financial institutions that can be flexible alongside us and make life easier by meeting needs that can change at a moment’s notice. Below are some insights on how prepaid cards can help your credit union enhance its service and meet members’ needs for flexibility through this both joyful and stressful time of year.

While people are planning to spend more on shopping than last year, they are also looking to use their funds wisely as they make discounts and competitive pricing top priority (RetailMeNot). Prepaid cards are an excellent solution for budget-conscious members. With reloadable prepaid cards, members can:

  • Load funds as needed onto reloadable prepaid cards 
  • Shop where they want without worrying about interest rates or accidentally overspending. 
  • Stay on budget

Prepaid gift cards also allow members to easily gauge costs while sharing a popular gift. For credit unions, branded holiday gift cards can even help increase awareness.

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Card Tokenization:
Reciprocal Benefits for
Credit Unions & Members

September 2021

Simple and Secure: The Mutual Benefits of Card Tokenization for Credit Unions & Members

September 2021

A recent study by Juniper Research showed online payment fraud is expected to produce a $200 billion loss between 2020 and 2024. This includes digital banking services. To address digital payment fraud, many e-retailers and financial institutions are looking to tokenization for its unique strengths. The introduction of Visa’s Token Service has decreased fraud for online transactions by 26% (Visa Token Service Fact Sheet). This benefit is enough to make anyone sit up and take notice, but there are more symbiotic advantages of tokenization for credit unions and their cardholding members.

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Fraud, Disputes, and Chargebacks: Reasons Behind the Rise & What Can Help?

August 2021

One benefit 2020 brought was the shift towards digital payments, with many card issuers re-prioritizing payments initiatives and moving contactless and digital offerings to the top of the list. But this shift has also led to a sharp increase in fraud, disputes, and chargebacks. According to a recent survey on the U.S. debit market by Worldpay and Forrester, 2020 presented more than a 50% increase in chargebacks. as fraud management dropped to an overall fourth priority (PULSE), with 90% of merchants reporting lost revenue due to payments fraud (Worldpay and Forrester).

With an estimated chargeback volume in excess of 600 million for 2021 according to “Purchase Clarity: A Digital First Strategy for Preventing Disputes” in the PaymentsJournal, the increase is expected to overburden credit unions and card issuers. While FIS reports over 80% of merchants now use 3D secure for authentication, credit unions may want to look at other solutions to relieve the strain caused by the increase in disputes and chargebacks.

While the shift to digital is expected to remain and organically increase fraud attempts, the 2021 Chargeback Field Report showed a 79% increase in friendly fraud between 2018-2021, making it important to look at the types of chargebacks the credit union is experiencing. Friendly fraud occurs when a cardholder authorizes a transaction then disputes the charge. There are several reasons why friendly fraud has increased dramatically over the past several years, with the main reason being lack of memory of purchases made digitally. In many cases, members will remember making purchases at a retail location, but may not remember an online purchase made. Another reason for the increase in friendly fraud is due to the cardholder not recognizing a merchant’s transaction information as it is shown on their statement.

Over 90% of cardholders wish more transaction and merchant information was provided through their digital banking apps to assist in transaction recognition (“Purchase Clarity”). A member’s desire for more information includes a clear logo of the merchant, merchant name, and exact location of the transaction (including the option to contact the merchant for more information preventing a dispute from being filed). In “Chargeback Dispute Resolution Is Broken. Mastercard and Ethoca Are Fixing It.,” the PaymentsJournal highlighted a two-month study showing this data has helped both merchant and issuers  prevent six million chargebacks.  At Envisant, we work as a member of credit unions’ teams to implement and maintain successful payment solutions. If you have any questions regarding the information in this article or want to learn how Envisant can help

Back-to-School: How Prepaid Cards Help Teach the ABC’s of Financial Success

August 2021

Buy school supplies, register for courses, find the right dorm furniture are all activities that may all be on the to-do lists of your members and their families as the new school year approaches. One vital item that’s likely not on this list but can change students’ futures is “financial savvy.”

According to, learning financial literacy early on can help students avoid large credit card debt, build more savings, and decrease the likelihood they will need to file for personal bankruptcy later in life. Fortunately, most teens do want to add financial literacy to their to do list, but at least half are looking for a simple path to learning (

That’s where prepaid cards can save the day! They offer a secure, easy way for students to begin successfully managing a budget. Several features make prepaid cards an ideal tool for this goal:

  • Funds are loaded ahead of time so parents don’t have to worry about overdraft fees or high interest rates if the student fails to stay within budget.
  • Since these cards are not tied to members’ accounts, information remains safe if the card is lost.
  • Reloadable cards are easy to use for ongoing, everyday expenses, especially if they have flexible reload options.

By offering prepaid cards, credit unions have an opportunity to team up with their current members to develop financially responsible future members.

Envisant is here to help you support members in being their children’s G.O.A.T as they GO AT making this school year the Greatest Of All Time! Contact us at 1-800-942-7124 to learn more.

How to unlock your credit rewards program’s full potential to delight members

July 2021

As the economy opens back up, credit card spending is beginning to reach pre-pandemic levels. Now is a good time to re-evaluate the strength of your own credit program. Since 42% of cardholders use their credit cards to earn rewards (Experian), an effective rewards program can be a significant motivator to make your card top-of-wallet for members.

In today’s digital age, consumers are used to customized offerings and giving direct input into the creation of services and products. They also expect comprehensive service that supports their personal goals. By focusing on these key expectations, your credit union can unlock the potential of both its credit program and member relationships.

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How Prepaid Cards Meet 2021 Travel Trends
June 2021

Getting the Most Out of Your Networks
May 2021

We all know your PIN/POS networks are an important aspect of your debit card program. However, it often becomes an overlooked element and not a part of your overall debit strategy. Here are some tips when evaluating your networks:

  • Don’t be “over-networked.” It is important to limit the choices that merchants have at the point of sale. The merchant’s intent is to send that transaction via the route that incurs the lowest fee, therefore you receive lower interchange. If you’re currently carrying more than one network (i.e. STAR, Pulse, NYCE), establish a plan now to trim down –only one network is necessary. Doing so not only has the potential to increase your interchange income, but may also reduce expense at the ATM.
    • At the point of sale, merchants establish the path an authorization will take; and it’s their intent to route the transaction through their least expensive network. Keep in mind, if the cost is low on the merchant side, so too is the interchange income on the issuer side. By having only one network, your credit union controls the authorization path and thereby the interchange earned at the point of sale.
    • At the ATM, think of this in reverse: the ATM owner seeks to earn the highest interchange, and issuers need to minimize this expense. Here the same principle of limiting network choice applies—with only one network to route through, the issuer establishes the ATM transaction costs they will incur.
    • If you are unsure about network interchange see the Federal Reserve Interchange Study.
  • Learn your members behaviors. Find ways to encourage your members to use their cards. Promotions to establish recurring payments; like utilities, insurance premiums and streaming services. E-commerce transactions earn higher interchange, so try to become the card attached to the Buy Now button. Review reports to see which members are using your cards for DoorDash and Uber Eats. Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) transactions are up significantly since last year.
  • Educate your members. Some of your membership may not be aware of all the key features of your debit program. For example, are your members aware that they can prevent fees for ATM withdrawals. A member can request cash back at the register when conducting Point of Sale transactions. The nice part about this is that your credit union receives interchange on the entire dollar amount. In addition, many credit unions participate in surcharge free networks but often fail to continually promote this to their membership. One thing that should continually be reinforced is the safety and security of pinned transactions. Your members card has specific features designed to avoid fraud; the EMV chip, unique CVV code, and member created PIN are all assisting with preventing fraudulent transactions.
  • Keep an eye towards the future. Person to Person (P2P) payments are becoming more popular especially amongst your younger members. Some of the P2P methods use specialized rails and are not a part of your debit network, these transactions would not receive interchange income. Evaluate reports and keep an eye on pin-less transaction, these transactions will show up on reports as PAVD. Your interchange could vary each month as merchants increasing select this method of transaction routing. Also, your processors will start providing card-less ATM withdrawals using their mobile app. It is important to stay up with how your debit processor, core, and the local ATM terminal are keeping up with this new technology.

Your Envisant Team of experts are available to answer any questions you might have about our debit
networks contact your team at Envisant.

Helping credit union members enjoy summer of 2021
May 2021

Last summer we experienced a priority shift that led many of our credit union members to a simple realization: they don’t have to go too far to have fun in the summer. Life in quarantine created the opportunity for at-home adventures by picking up old hobbies and developing new talents. Puzzles, painting, and backyard movie nights became the main event. This summer, with the vaccine roll-out well underway, credit union members will begin to expand their sense of adventure again and we predict spending on local travel and new forms of entertainment will rebound. How can your credit union help? Click here to read more.

Payments Contracts: Top 5 Key Considerations
April 2021

Payment solutions are one of the most essential products credit unions offer to differentiate themselves from banks and other competition. That is why selecting the right processing partner is particularly critical to member satisfaction, retention and growth. The following are a few things to consider when making the difficult decision of whether to stay with your current payments processor or to convert to a new partner.

  1. Review Your Contracts – Many credit unions are not familiar with key provisions of their current agreements, particularly in regard to the termination clause or notification period. We have seen terms get extended as new enhancements or product features are added. We would recommend a thorough contract assessment of your payment contracts.
  1. Understand Your Entire Cost – When evaluating multiple proposals, ensure proposals are inclusive of all related fees, any pass through, network, core, card production, and implementation charges. If a significant price disparity exists, it could mean fees were omitted. It can be helpful to have each of the key areas subtotaled, to determine if any areas are missing.
  2. Define Your Vision – It is important to establish a clear vision of what you are looking for from both a member and credit union perspective. Evaluating your current portfolio and noting what services you are satisfied with, and what you want to include in the future is a great exercise because the ideal time to add new services is at the start of a new agreement. Be sure to ask what features and functionality that you don’t currently have are on the proposals that you receive.
  3. Reputation Cost of Poor Service – Established service level agreements for optimal staff and member experience can make a big difference in the credit union and member experience. Low quality service can have a profound effect on your credit union’s reputation. The cost of bad service should be considered when choosing a partner, because not all costs are seen directly on the balance sheet.
  4. It’s All About Connections – In a digital-first world, ensuring all your member access points and delivery channels work seamlessly is a must. Ask for demos and API integrations with core, mobile and online banking providers. Members are looking for all the functionality of the major card brands, so determine how your card could match up.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to evaluating your payments partnership, but there are key components that should be measured when evaluating your current payment offerings and in considering a future partnership. Envisant takes a consultative approach to the payments partner evaluation process, and can help you understand what to look for in all proposals, including our own. We invite you to contact us at 1-800-942-7124 to learn more

Impact of Changing Consumer Behavior on Debit Cards and P2P Payments
April 2021

Challenging times have shown us how to cope with change, but most importantly – how to adapt. Ecommerce has quickly surpassed in-person spending and credit union priorities have become clear: improving member experience by providing safe and uncomplicated digital payment options quickly has jumped to the top of our list. From the start of the pandemic, we’ve seen two interesting payment trends because of changing consumer behavior. These include peer to peer payments (P2P) and digital wallets. Click here to read more about these digital payment trends.

How Your Credit Union Can Ease Member Fraud Concerns
March 2021

Fraud is one of the biggest current issues for credit unions and their members. When fraud occurs it interrupts members’ lives, leaving them frustrated. This is where your credit union can step in and become part of the solution.

The right digital tools can empower your credit union to defend against fraud, respond quickly if it happens, and help smooth the way for impacted members to get their lives back to normal. It all contributes to the member experience. Below are descriptions of three digital tools that can help your credit union address member fraud concerns.

  • Digital card issuance enables your credit union to issue a replacement digital card on demand and deliver it into a mobile wallet for immediate use online and in apps. While members wait for a physical card, security features restrict in-person transactions until the member activates the physical card.    
  • Online card controls or apps allow members to turn their cards on and off, track spending, get real-time alerts, dispute charges and report missing cards to help minimize the impact of attempted fraud. 
  • Tokenization converts sensitive information into tokens that mask the PAN data. This token is then transmitted for authorization, averting a fraudster from capturing critical card information. Members using a mobile payment wallet can also utilize their phone’s security features to block others from accessing sensitive data.

With the help of digital tools, your credit union can protect member information and simplify life for those who find themselves dealing with fraud issues. It’s a key step towards making your credit union the primary financial institution for members. By using this technology and helping members understand it, a credit union can continue thriving well into the future.

Envisant and our partners are here to help you understand the digital payment technology available to you. Contact us at 1-800-942-7124 to learn more.

How Prepaid Cards Can Help Your Members Stay on Budget

It’s not just tax season, it’s also the season of making new year’s resolutions come true. For your members, now is the time for considering ways to tone their financial health. A simple, easy to follow budget can help accomplish this goal. Your credit union can support member success by offering the right tools to help them manage their budgets more easily.

Our partner GreenPath Financial Wellness knows the ins and outs of healthy budgets. We’ve assembled three tips from them to share with your members on how they can use prepaid cards to make following a budget easier. We’ve assembled them into an infographic that you can download and use as a handout to your members.

At Envisant, we’re focused on helping your credit union build better relationships with members. This includes offering a full-service prepaid card program that can benefit both you and your members. To learn more about how we can help your credit union develop a prepaid card program, contact the Envisant sales department at 1-800-942-7124.

AGP Testimonial  January 2021

Credit union member satisfaction stems primarily from impressive customer service and a strong well-rounded portfolio of programs and services. Including a credit card program in your credit union portfolio is a benefit to members and leads to growth for the organization; however, it is often difficult and overwhelming to implement and maintain.

“The Accelerate Growth Program from Envisant has been invaluable to growing our card portfolio. We have seen an increase of nearly 100%! Their turnkey marketing collaterals makes promoting the program easy and seamless. Envisant’s dedicated customer service team works in full collaboration with our team here. I appreciate their consulting and analytical approach to tailor the program to our credit union’s needs.” – Karen Intracaso, CEO, Kaiperm CU

Many credit unions, like Kaiperm, have seen tremendous success in their own programs. In an ideal world, your credit union would continue on an upward growth pattern that created a sense of excitement for members and staff alike. In the real world, though, it just isn’t that simple. To grow, a credit union needs to improve its offerings and stay within a comfortable budget. Growing with credit cards has never been easier because Envisant is an extension of your credit union team.

“If you are looking to grow and promote your credit card program, FECCCU highly recommends Envisant’s Accelerated Growth Program. We are a small credit union and always looking for fresh ideas to market our cards that require few operational tasks and stay within our budget. This plan does just that!” -Sabrina Oshelski, Manager, Federal Employees of Chippewa County CU

With a low annual campaign fee, Envisant creates the promotions and marketing materials. Each quarterly theme is designed to be eye catching and impactful for current financial trends. AGP takes the guesswork out of credit card program growth. Marketing, in-house and digitally, is a big task and often an enormous expense. Between the manpower needed and the budget, its often impossible for credit unions to get the full impact of a multi-channel marketing campaign.

“Each year the timely promotions have provided seasonal marketing materials full of vibrant colors to utilize in electronic marketing as well as member facing in the office, and at an extremely cost-effective price. The four annual promotions take the planning off our shoulders, and all we need to do is implement the campaigns.” -Robin J. Juhler, VP Lending, Mid-Illini CU

Envisant’s AGP program allows credit unions to focus on member satisfaction and cultivate valued member relationships by taking the guesswork out of credit card promotions. Let Envisant do the heavy lifting so your credit union staff can keep their eyes directed where it really matters, at the members.