Card @Once

Introducing Card @Once

In today’s fast-paced environment, consumers are looking for more from their financial provider—great service, options, and convenience. That’s why more and more financial institutions are moving toward an instant card issue solution. EFT Source has the first and only, cost effective instant issue solution that requires little to no IT support from your institution and is truly, turnkey. You will notice:

✔ Improved Customer  ✔ Experience Emergency Card Replacement

✔ Increased Activation & Utilization ✔ Increased Profitability/Reduced Expense

✔ Enhanced Security ✔ Competitive Advantage

Benefits of [email protected]

EFT Source’s [email protected] (patent pending) offers financial institutions an instant issue solution that is easy, cost effective and secure. You have the option of using existing card stock or a custom card design can be created that’s specific to your financial institution.

✔ Completely Turnkey (Including Key Management) ✔ Web-based Data Transfer

✔ Small and Convenient ✔ Built-in Firewall & Router

✔ PCI Compliant ✔ 3-year Warranty

✔ Self Selected PIN ✔ No Software Required

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