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Stay ahead of the game with LSC’s Comprehensive Fraud Management Tools

The credit union payments industry is constantly evolving; therefore, fraud trends and scams have an evolution of thier own.  Fraudsters are working 24/7 to find new ways to sabotage your program.

At LSC, fraud prevention within your credit union is a top priority.  The LSC Fraud & Risk Management Team monitors trends and evaluates threats, and can assist a credit union with writing rules specific to the threat they are facing.

All of LSC’s programs are protected with state of the art, comprehensive, top tier, neural network solutions, helping to prevent risk and mitigate future loss to your credit union and your card programs.  These turnkey protection tools operate every day, day and night, with real time monitoring, even when your credit union is not open.  In addition, our fraud protection solutions send out “Fraud Alerts” with up-to-date communications on any relevant and ongoing fraud situations affecting credit unions.

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LSC is committed to Helping Credit Unions Compete and fight fraud.

Credit union fraud prevention is our top priority, and the LSC Fraud and Risk Management Team uses a comprehensive approach to fighting fraud, utilizing a wide range of fraud tools to help minimize and reduce risk exposure.

Assistance is just a call away, contact us at 800-304-2273, or email: lscriskmgmt (at)