Activate Your Report Data with IronSafe

In today’s security driven, high-tech environments, Credit Unions are trying to secure data and at the same time activate it to get more meaning out of the content they already own. IronSafe does exactly that. IronSafe’s state-of-the-art software is PCI compliant and provides a 100% encrypted data environment for any report or document within your credit union. IronSafe quickly ingests card reports from FIS, Fiserv, First Data, Intercept, or TYSYS, as well as operational reports coming from your core systems. Once in IronSafe, report content is organized, searchable, and, most importantly, extractable to tools like Excel and to IronSafe’s built-in Dashboard Analytics. Activating your report data enables you to better understand your business trends, your card portfolios, and other operational information that, with IronSafe, springs to life from otherwise static reports. IronSafe provides this software in either a PCI secure cloud hosting environment or an on-premise installation at the customers’ data center.

IronSafe for Credit Unions Overview

Report Data Extraction

Card Processors such as FiS, Fiserv, First Data, Intercept, and TYSYS deliver reports to each Credit Union on a daily or weekly basis, using batch processes that typically produce text output.  These report structures contain highly sensitive and valuable PCI data about a Credit Union’s card portfolio. The structure of these reports can be extremely difficult and very time consuming to extract into CSV or other database tools such as Monarch™ in order for you to analyze this data content successfully. IronSafe is the game-changer, as it is a single source for streamlined report storage and for the instant, automatic extraction of that report content to secure data tables. For sensitive PCI data, IronSafe provides tokenization in its presentation of extracted content. One-time initial setup of reports for extraction is fast and easy. Thereafter, extraction of new reports arriving in IronSafe is fully automated. This process can save hundreds and maybe thousands of hours of work by your business analysts who, without IronSafe, struggle to mine data out of these reports. IronSafe can extract data from Text, PDF, or even CSV Reports into normalized structures. The following short video gives you a quick look at the IronSafe Extraction Authoring tool:


Security of Report & Document Content

Credit unions today are looking to take card processor reports that are stored on their network drive and place them in PCI compliant, secure storage. IronSafe solves that problem. Our software builds a secure, PCI compliant virtual file cabinet containing your reports and documents. It automatically ingests and secures report and document content as soon as it is delivered to your organization. IronSafe encrypts content and restricts access to it through individual access entitlements, restricting at the report level or at detailed page levels.  IronSafe also provides audit trails of user activity and report access for analysis by auditors or staff administrators. IronSafe completes annual PCI penetration testing for PCI certification.

Business Case

IronSafe services over 2,000 Credit Unions throughout the US by allowing users to securely view, store, and analyze report content coming from their operational systems and card processors. Credit union personnel use IronSafe to view their reports for fraud research, to extract data to Excel spreadsheets, to publish charts and graphs from extracted report content for board reports and other purposes, and to perform many daily tasks supported by IronSafe’s various automated analysis and extraction tools. Since IronSafe provides a secure PCI Compliant environment with tokenization options for extracting sensitive data, analyzing card trends from existing reports is a secure, protected process. IronSafe’s dashboard analytics enable users and administrators to immediately see what they need to know in customizable charts and graphs that are automatically updated as new data comes in.

IronSafe’s solutions can be deployed either on a secure cloud hosting service or on premises, whichever best serves your business needs. Contact us for a free analysis or trial on how IronSafe can provide security and value to your existing business process.

Customer Testimonial

“Our operations staff can now set up new reports and we no longer need to rely on IT to manage this part of the system for us. Processing is now quicker, has better efficiencies, and is much more streamlined than on our prior system. Our new report and document archiving tool was easy to train users and allows our external customers to self-administer security in house. The integrated executive dashboards make it easy for managers to get a snapshot of their credit card programs with regularly updated month-to-date data.”

-Tracey Gierden, LSC’s Director of Card Services