LSC is Celebrating 50 Years of Service

For the past 50 years LSC has had one mission: to help credit unions compete. LSC is a trusted payments platform with a credit union and member focused strategy. With our comprehensive approach, customizable programs and five-star service, LSC gives credit unions the power to compete and prosper in the financial marketplace.

LSC is your advocate, your partner, and an extension of your credit union team.

In 1995, after the overwhelming amount of support and success in Illinois, LSC branched out and began to offer credit card programs nationwide. Now, after 50 years of service, LSC is proud to serve all of our programs to credit unions in all 50 states.

Five Star Service

LSC provides about 2,200 credit unions with quality information, products and services.

  • Industry-leading fraud prevention services  protect members and reduce fraud losses
  • Full service to credit unions in establishing, processing, and marketing  prepaid cards
  • Debit and credit solutions
  • System integration with core
  • Exceptional member customer service through our 24/7 call center
  • LSC managed over 88,000 credit union interactions for credit & debit with 96% of inquiry cases resolved in under 3 hours. (2018 Call Center Data)

Service Advancement

LSC has evolved through the years, continuously advancing how we serve our credit union partners. Enhancements to our service over the decades has included:

  • Insurance Products
  • Collaboration of ATM Networks
  • Indirect Loans
  • Customizable and Secure Prepaid Programs
  • Secure, Customizable Debit and Credit Solutions
  • Constant Innovation

A Strong Partner in the Fight against Fraud.

At LSC, fraud prevention within your credit union is a top priority. The LSC Fraud and Risk Management Team uses a comprehensive approach to fighting fraud, utilizing a wide range of fraud tools to help minimize and reduce risk exposure.

Customizable Programs

No matter your asset size, LSC can help your credit union prosper. By taking advantage of our products and services, you not only benefit your own credit union, but you also build a stronger credit union industry for us all. LSC is helping credit unions like yours not only to compete, but also thrive well into the future by offering programs such as EZ Launch, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, and Prepaid Cards.

EZ Launch

In honor of 50 years of service excellence, LSC partners share their experience working with us .

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