Everyday Spend

CUMONEY® Visa® Everyday Spend Card

Do something for your members every day.

Our CUMONEY® Visa® Everyday Spend Card is the prepaid debit card that lets your members load, reload and relax with money management tools that help them stay within their limits.

The card provides an array of convenient features such as Direct Deposit, loading money through any Visa® ReadyLink location and even a Free companion mobile app.

The Everyday Spend Reloadable program gives your credit union the ability to earn additional revenue by charging a retail fee for issuing the card.  Credit unions will also earn an on-going revenue stream, which is driven by the number of active cards with a balance.

Everyday Spend Reloadable program highlights

  • Develops lasting member relationship
  • Carries the Visa logo, accepted at over 20 million Visa locations worldwide
  • Can be used at an ATM to withdrawal cash and at merchants that accept pinned based POS transactions
  • No inventory of cards at the Credit Union
  • Cards sent directly to members via US mail
  • Cardholders name embossed on cards
  • Standard card design with the CUMONEY® logo or branded with the Credit Union logo
  • Value can be added to the card at the Credit Union, by visiting www.cumoney.com, calling toll-free Card Member Services, or the Free CUMONEY® mobile app
  • Generates new revenue streams and enable you to compete in all aspects of the payment arena

Ideas on how to market this program to members

  • As a standard – increase the volume of cards issued by offering it to individuals as they become members
  • Safer than cash – if it is lost or stolen, unused portions can be replaced
  • Use for money management and as a budgeting tool
  • Shop online with peace of mind, this account isn’t tied to your member’s account
  • Card values are the member’s choice – up to $5000

How the Everyday Spend Card works

  • Your member applies for the card in person at your Credit Union
  • Your Credit Union is responsible for knowing the member before issuing the card
  • The card is ordered via Prepaid Access
  • The Card is shipped directly to the Cardholder via US mail, receiving it in about 7-10 business days
  • The member visits your Credit Union to load funds onto the card, loads them online by visiting www.cumoney.com, calling toll-free Card Member Services, or the Free CUMONEY® mobile app
  • The member can also set-up direct deposit to automatically load a predetermined amount onto the card

Need more information? Download our Fact Sheet.

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For more information about our Everyday Spend program, please call 800-942-7124 or email [email protected]

Need support once a program is live? The Envisant Prepaid Team assists by helping you all the way, including training your staff.  You can reach the Prepaid Team at 800-304-2273 (Option 4)

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