Portfolio Development

Portfolio Development

Explore your potential; planning your success:

Understanding the complexities of your credit or debit card portfolios, how your members are utilizing your program, engaging member participation, and ultimately growing your card programs profitability, are what portfolio development is all about.  Envisant’s professional, experienced PD team has worked with countless credit unions sharing their expertise in how to optimize their ROA.  Portfolio development is a vital component of a holistic approach to card performance; a true partnership relies on the ability of all parties to succeed that is why our PD analysis and strategies are provided to all our member credit unions at no extra cost.

Analytics that tell a story; Success

Envisant’s portfolio development team provides a comprehensive view of your card programs by analyzing critical data and providing your credit union with the reliable tools to create strategies for revenue growth, increased penetration and enhanced member relationships.

  • Customized credit and debit portfolio analysis focused on your credit union demographics including past performance and future trends.
  • Evaluation of your portfolios strengths and opportunities to maximize your full program potential.
  • Determining acceptable and obtainable goals both for the short term and the future to create a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Comparisons to industry standards and those of your peers to fully understand your performance and earnings potential.
  • Integrated marketing support and campaign strategies including result projections and performance tracking throughout the process.

Take the guess work out of a successful card portfolio by contacting the Envisant PD team today!

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